Saturday, April 01, 2006

Chapter One

PART ONE: Coincidence?

Chapter One

Incense boils, seas of smoke; the curls of waves, heavy fragrance grasping upwards. The infusion of plumes creates a dense fog; illuminated and animated by flickering flames – the candles in ritual position. Stars suspended in the heady, intense atmosphere.

The chants, sinister calls in barbarous tongues, incantations rise to their God.


Black velvet robes sway with body movement, hypnotic wave and the individual becomes lost within the bond of the many. The group mind intent on a sole purpose.

Mute fear is locked within the naked girl’s eyes. Paralysed by the exotic drug she can only lie, and fear. Her mind reels, betrays prayers to a God left beyond the heavy, bolted door. Prone, spread-eagled across the wooden, dark stained altar.

He approaches her – he who was the blind date and is now the sinister enemy.

He voice calls to an entity, a Lord – his God; the Enemy. Entreating him to bestow a gift.

“Hear me, oh Lucifer…”

Confusing, passionate dirge of Latin and guttural English swells through the room. Carrying the prayers of the faithful.

His robes part, his phallus erect.

Forced entry of rape.

His orgasm parallels the second penetration, the plunge of knife. Her blood spills as does his seed.

The atmosphere crackles as dark energy and stolen life-force flood the room.

Some of the disciples collapse, others, now elevated, couple within a rising torrent of orgy. And the high priest laps her blood.

© 1990 & 2006 Andrew M Boylan