Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chapter One

Part Two: Confusions

Chapter One

Stolen money taken from the man with the ripped throat; he provided a satisfying draught. He has provided further strength and his money provided clothing, the dark disguise. Oh, the comfort of strangers, the love of the good Samaritan, they are all such good friends. He lies cold in an alley, miles away, but he offered his life, his warmth, his wealth. Now he pays the entrance fee to the club. An Introduction to more strangers.

In the club the strobe lights weave their wild, erratic dance, turning the dancers into frozen snapshots of motion.

His ivory hand pushes the crumpled note towards the bartender, points towards the cheap red wine. “Keep the change,” …there’s always plenty more.

The music ends and the crowd cheer. He looks across towards the stage, the band are veiled by a rolling mist of dry ice. The singer thanks the crowd.

His voice has a familiar ring.

He turns away as the singer talks to the audience, telling them about Lovecraft and of the horrors that haunt the black depths of the night. Oh, how little he really knows! The singer vaguely sketches the outline of one of Lovecraft’s tales, then announces, “This is a song we call – ‘Erich Zann’!”

The violinist explodes into a fury of motion, filling the air with unusual, clashing harmonies, his arm jerks backwards and forwards in a frenzy, his notes long and sustained try to hold the Old Ones at bay.

A slight smile, flickered cold…

Ivory daggers flash for a brief moment…

Outside the neon sign crackles in the light rain as it slowly flashes red lettered swirls…

“The Raven Bar”

© 1990 & 2006 Andrew M Boylan