Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Dropped an Aum, the mystic science herb, lysergic acid diethylamide. The bringer of augury, of oracle, the revealer of signs.
Slowly the room brightens, its colours intense, confusing, all around is radiance.

Outside he can hear the bird calls, a thousand songs, new laments offered to the empty sky. In the distance a car’s breaks squeal. The music playing on the stereo transforms and takes on a new meaning as the instruments separate into individual waves of an ocean that floods around him. Images swim in the audio ocean, the message approaches.

There she stands, the slut of the temple. The prostitute of horn, Harlot. His lover. She melts, her image cascading in a prism above the ocean. Now whole.

She shimmers in dawn light as a black sun burns through the horizon. Her clothing vanishes in a firelight point of flame. Now she is naked, beautiful, before Eve – she is Lilith.


For dazed seconds he recalls the sacrifice.

Sacrifice: noun: to make holy.

Sanctity on HIGH.

Back in view is the saintly whore. Is she the Mary who tries to raise the spear of manhood in the Christ? Magdalene.

Her body is clothed in light, shifting, wedding gown. She carries the vial of oil. Perfumed priestess, temple dancer.

She cracks the vial above her breast, white silk and lace dyed crimson.

It is now clear.

“You, who was once my love and my priestess, you are to be his bride. In marriage you will forge a covenant, you shall enslave him to our will.”


© 1990 & 2006 Andrew M Boylan