Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Chapter Twenty Five

Chapter Twenty Five

Tears flow, he weeps with the weight of past events; with the terror of the return of the Beast to our modern land; for the disbelief, the naiveté of the innocents; for the suffering of his body beneath the bruising of physical brutality; for his faith – as the cathedrals and churches are slowly strangulated under the grip of contemporary understanding {perhaps that is for the best, perhaps the world is ready to progress, and when the old Gods become new and the circle returns, we find that we have evolved – Oh sweet Jesus spare me from these heretical thoughts!}; for his brother who still tries to care whilst he drowns in the scarlet seas…

Paul sobs inconsolable tears whilst he his held tight in John’s arms.

For his part, John sheds a solitary tear, a melancholy tear for a brother who he tried to save and yet stands so very far away.

© 1990 & 2006 Andrew M Boylan