Sunday, April 16, 2006

Chapter Three

Chapter Three

“Hi!” The girl shouts, straining to project her voice above the music, her eyes hungrily tracing the face of the stranger.

“Hello,” he motions for her to sit by him.

Beyond the confines of time and space,

“You’re new here, aren’t you? I’m Candy…”

Protect me from the evil race,

“What’s yer name?” Her eyes glint, her pupils – already ample - grow wider, he reads lust.


The city crumbles
In my vision, replaced,

He places his hand against the soft flesh of her inner thigh, his other arm reaches out and draws her towards him. She can see nothing but Jonathon, lost in the cold blue of his eyes, all reason numbed by the burning ice of desire.

By a far dimension,
I never should have faced.

© 1990 & 2006 Andrew M Boylan