Friday, October 13, 2006

Chapter Thirty Five

Chapter Thirty Five

Paul bolts upright from his troubled sleep, his mouth still calling the name, “Jonathon.”

He races, driven by instinct, into the bedroom and there stands the Beast, poised for the strike above Julia.

“You,” His voice carries a new found power, “In the name of the Gods, both old and new,” (his voice stumbles for a moment, shocked by his own heresy),”I order you to leave this woman.”

Jonathon spins around fluidly. “You!” He cries out in recognition, identifying at last the one who has tried to intervene so much and is now revealed, is know unmasked – he is the one who killed his only son.

Blue eyes flash blood red and an ancient anger rises in the vampire’s twisted, decayed heart.

A distant crash and an expletive cursed. The sound of running feet – he has reinforcement, the dead man thinks, I’ll bide my time, I have, after all, eternity.

“Next time, Aleister.”

Paul shudders, cold grave waltzing, that name meant something… once, a memory so distant, yet perhaps it could be remembered… the thoughts shattered by the glass which splinters outwards as the walking corpse leaps through the window, tumbling down towards the deserted alley below – to vanish.

© 1990 & 2006 Andrew M Boylan