Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chapter One

PART THREE: Revelations

Chapter One

In a flash of metal, ballistic grey and black, the threat unforeseen and bringing the look of incredulous shock. Where had John got a gun? Why is it aimed at me?

The questions melt into a dazzling confusion, with the drifting winds of disbelief and the forked lightening of betrayal. Paranoia explodes into an emotional overload as insecurities rage.


“Paul.” John’s voice grown hard and cold, a voice alien in origin, “I wanted to spare you this, perhaps bring you to us… But, no, you’ve stumbled into the truth…”

“But John…” Paul’s arms held out, imploring, trying to catch the last shreds of fleeting reality, tears score silently along his face as the seek a reason lost within the maelstrom of nightmares.

“Don’t move! He, the Nosferatu, is ours… a gift from the Dark Lord himself. Julia is to be his bride, tying him to us…

“And you… you will not stand in our way, little brother!”

© 1990 & 2006 Andrew M Boylan